Reminder of the GTT Conference call today (December 8) 1 PM Eastern 10 AM Pacific.

Hello everyone..

I want to thank everyone who so promptly subscribed to this blog.  It makes my job so much easier when I don’t have to send mass e-mails and can just write one post.

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone who is interested in technology for people who are blind or partially sighted.

This is a reminder that we have a conference call today (December 8) at 1 PM eastern, 10 AM pacific.

Steve from aroma will discuss the plextalk line and its direct to player features for the CNIB library.

We had two wonderful conference call presentations about the same features on the new generation Victor Stream.

If anyone missed these and would like another presentation oaths, please e-mail

If you want to call in today, we still have space.

Please e-mail for the information.

Remember, Steve is also doing a conference call on December 17 at 8 PM eastern 5 pacific, on the new blaze EZ player and all of its features.