Day time Gtt meeting in Ottawa on December 18 2014.

We held our second ever day time GTT meeting in Ottawa on December 18 2014. We had 10 participants. We gave a brief presentation on cell phones. Then, we broke into several small groups. Each group of 2 or 3 had at least one person who was very experienced with the specific technology and vision level of the participant needing assistence.
This worked very well.
We will continue this format.
Our next day time meeting will be on Thursday January 15 from 10 AM until noon.
We will have a brief presentation on screen readers. What they are? What they do? Then, we will again break into smaller working groups.
If you are interested in the day time GTT and want to know more about it, please call Kim Kilpatrick at
(613) 567-0311
Or email her at