Women’s safety workshop in Ottawa on May 28.

Thanks to Valerie Collicott and the employees of WISE (Women’s initiatives for safer environments) in Ottawa.

They have offered to host this safety workshop for women who are blind or have low vision.

This will take place on May 28 in Ottawa at 20 James street.

If people in other communities are interested in this, or if you would like a national call on this topic, e-mail gttprogram@gmail.com

If you would like to attend, please contact WISE below and 

Workshop on women’s safety

6 PM to 8 PM 

CCB national office


20 James street.

WISE Personal safety workshops are specifically tailored to the interests and needs of the group. 

The WISE Workshop is designed to provide practical safety strategies for women that they can use to promote personal safety in the following environments:

a)      In the home
b)      In relationships 
c)       Using Public Transit
d)      In Parks and Pathways

We begin the workshop with Safety Awareness and Assertiveness followed by  Safety Strategies for the different environments listed above.  We end with a fun self defense demonstration.

The workshop is interactive with group discussions, and or role plays depending on the number of participants.  All participants receive a manual at the end of the workshop.

We look forward to meeting the group on May 28.  For any questions or to give us a preferred medium for your resource material, call us at 613-230-6700 or write to: info@wiseottawa.ca 

Valerie Collicott 
Policy & Administrative Coordinator 

Elsy David 
Program Director