GTT Ottawa announcements.

Reminders of GTT Ottawa meetings on the evening of June 15 and day time on June 18.

Our GTT Ottawa evening meeting will take place from 6-8 Pm on Monday June 15.

OUr topic is AODA (Access for Ontarians with disabilities act)

We will have a guest speaker.

Because it is our last meeting before summer, here are questions to ponder and send responses to Kim.

Do we want to meet early 5 Pm and order pizza?

Do we want to continue GTT over the summer?

We will also be testing out live streaming of the GTT presentation on MOnday.

This will be streamed on the CCB youtube channel.

If you wish to listen in, send Kim an e-mail and she will send the information.

GTT Ottawa day time group will take place from 10 AM to noon on thursday June 18.

If you wish to participate, please e-mail or call Kim.

Locations for both Ottawa GTT meetings is:

CCB national Office

20 James Street 


To contact Kim, call

(613) 567-0311

or e-mail