Announcement on behalf of CAG for people in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. 

I am posting this on behalf of Penny Leclair. Although this is not strictly technology related, the whole purpose of GTT is and has always been to collaborate with all blindness and other organizations whenever and wherever possible. 

I always find that the GTT groups who are most successful are doing this. 

Kim Kilpatrick 

I am posting this again, an invitation for you to attend a reception at the Canadian war museum. Today I went and checked out the area and have this to share. After my comments you will see the invitation posted again.


Most important is if you are coming from Ottawa toward going to Gatineau, the intersection at booth and vimy place is very large and busy. You would have to cross the street. It is highly recommended, by several staff of the War Museum, that you take the bus and go around the loop and get off on the other side of the street. It is maybe 5 or 10 minute bus ride farther, your walk to the entrance will be easy. Also with the possibility of snow-fall, it will be easier. Getting off in front of the pathway along the side of the war museum building. You walk straight ahead, no streets to cross, but it is quite a long walk, (I would say about 2 blocks length), You walk with the building to your right and pass the main entrance to go in the second, group entrance. It is a smaller area, more staff are around and it is closer to the Atelier D room you will want to come to.


Entering in this door you walk straight ahead and find an info desk. To your right are the washrooms, to the left is a door down a hallway. The hall has rooms on the left with doors set back from the wall, pretty wide doorways. You want the last room on that hallway on the left. If you go too far, you will reach an outside door with a bar on it, just turn around and look for the door which then would be on your right, coming back up the hallway.

There will be staff persons to assist you.

The room is almost square, with carpet.


Invitation to citizens who are blind, deaf-blind and partially sighted living in the Ottawa national capital region and surrounding areas:


The Consumer Access Group, (CAG), which has the following Purpose


The purpose of the Consumer Access Group (CAG) is to:

◾ bring together national, provincial, and local blindness organizations in order to develop position statements on issues important to Canadians with vision loss;

◾ provide the Canadian public, service providers, and governments a consistent view on issues identified by CAG;

◾ coordinate advocacy efforts, pool resources, and present a united stance to effect change.

Le mandat de la Table canadienne et citoyenne en déficience visuelle (TCCDV) est le suivant:

◾ rassembler les organismes nationaux, provinciaux et régionaux offrant des services à des personnes aveugles ou ayant une vision partielle afin de produire des énoncés de position sur d’importantes questions touchant les personnes vivant avec une perte de vision;

◾ offrir au public canadien, aux fournisseurs de services et aux diverses administrations publiques un point de vue uniforme sur les questions étudiées par la TVVDV;

◾ coordonner les efforts de promotion et défense des droits, regrouper les ressources et présenter une position commune afin que des changements soient instaurés.

Would like to have you join us for an information sharing reception on Friday February 26th, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Canadian War Museum

1 Vimy Place

Atelier D


By public transit:

OC Transpo: Transitway – Lebreton Station, routes 8, 86, 87, 95, 96 or 97


If you are able to attend please contact the chair-person of CAG, Penny Leclair


Limited space to accommodate everyone, so please respond by Wednesday February 24th.