Questionnaire: GTT Vancouver Meeting Dates and Times for Second Meeting

Get Together with Technology Vancouver Proposed Weekend Meeting:

The Canadian Council of the Blind in partnership with Blind Beginnings is interested in fulfilling the request of some GTT attendees for an additional weekend/evening meeting. This proposed additional meeting day and time would also potentially meet the needs of some who have not been able to attend the Wednesday morning sessions we’ve hosted to date. To that end we wish to receive your feedback on the day, time and place that will serve the needs of most who desire to participate. Please respond to the below questions to Shawn Marsolais, or Albert Ruel, and we will let you know the findings.

*Note: Please submit your feedback by email or telephone no later than March 21, 2016.
*Note: To complete the following using screen reading technology you may arrow to the line below each question where the word “Answer:” appears, then tap your End Key to place the curser to the right of that word. Type your answer, then move on to the next question. Once you are done please email the document back to Shawn or Albert.

1. Do you currently attend the GTT Vancouver meeting held on the third Wednesday of each month from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon at 227 6th Street in New Westminster?
2. If so, will you continue attending that meeting, or would you prefer a different day, time and location?
3. If you haven’t yet attended a GTT Vancouver meeting, do you wish to participate in the Get Together with Technology Peer Mentoring program in the Lower Mainland area?
4. If a second meeting day and time were selected, what would be your best day of the week for such a two-hour gathering?
5. What time of day would work better for you to get to and from such a two-hour session?
6. What part of the Lower Mainland area would be easiest for you to get to and from such a session?

For additional information on what the GTT program is, who currently oversees it and how to get in touch please contact Albert Ruel by email at, or by telephone or text at 250-240-2343, or Shawn Marsolais by email at . or by telephone at 604-434-7243.


Albert A. Ruel
Canadian Council of the Blind
Get Together with Technology
Cell: 250-240-2343
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Twitter: @Vanisle @GTTProgram
Facebook: GTTProgram

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  1. Hi Pat. Thank you for your willingness to complete this little survey, however nothing came through in the WordPress site. I see the text that you wrote outlining what you were going to do but none of the answers came with it. Can you cut-and-paste the text out of the original email and just email it back to me directly? Otherwise, you can send me your email address and I’ll send you a fresh new form.


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