Assistive Device: the new Humanware Victor Reader Trek soon to be released

Fellow GTT members, please find below a message from Gerry Chevalier, coordinator of the GTT Edmonton chapter, and the project manager for the Victor Reader Stream when it was developed originally.

Hi All:

Just rleased is a Blind Bargains podcast interview with HumanWare’s product manager describing the new Victor Reader Trek which combines the GPS former Trekker Breeze orientation device into a new Victor Reader device. The combined unit will provide all VR functionality plus Trekker Breeze functionality and also adds Bluetooth and FM radio. You can hear the podcast on the Stream if you subscribe to the Blind Bargains feed or you can download an MP3 of the interview at:


HumanWare said they would ship it in October. Retail is $699US with an intro price of $599. Support and future software upgrades to the existing Stream will continue.



4 thoughts on “Assistive Device: the new Humanware Victor Reader Trek soon to be released

  1. Recently, I remember hearing that the new Victor Reader Trek would be offered for $599. Please note that this is in US dollars! Also, Humanware will not be shipping this until late October. Now, I had just ordered a brand new Victor Reader Stream last week. Fortunately, it had not been “shipped” yet; so, I was able to cancel that order, and place an order for the Victor Reader Trek instead. Even in Canadian dollars, it’s a good price for both functionalities! Cheers. Jim H


  2. I find it interesting that Humanware charges $799 for their Trekker Breeze Plus unit, but only $599 for this new unit. Is the Victor Reader Trek less durable, or does it contain inferior hardware compared to the Plus?


    1. I believe this price is merely an introductory price and that we’ll see it hiked up soon after the Victor Trek is released. The Trekker Breeze sells as you’ve indicated, and the VR Stream sells currently at about $440 in Canada. I would be surprised to find that the introductory price reflects less quality.


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