Guest Post: Humanware, BrailleNote Touch and KeyMath – Succeed like a pro!

BrailleNote Touch and KeyMath – Succeed like a pro!

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WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! – BrailleNote Touch and KeyMath – Succeed like a pro!

BrailleNote Touch and KeyMath – Succeed like a pro!

Back to School is here and HumanWare would like to help you build your confidence in using Braille Note Touch and KeyMath. We`ve created two webinars,
each focusing on several key, frequent use features of KeyMath, the valuable math application on BrailleNote Touch. Designed to complement each other and
not to be missed, these two webinars are your best ally in getting the best out of BrailleNote Touch and KeyMath.

Join Peter Tucic, HumanWare Product Specialist hosting these 2 webinars that will focus on using the KeyMath application on the BrailleNote Touch. It is
our pleasure to also have a special guest participant in both these webinars. Find out who on webinar day!

What is KeyMath, how to use it and troubleshooting tips.

Wednesday August 23rd at 2:00 PM EDT


KeyMath allows for the seamless translation of either UEB or Nemeth braille math into perfect visual output. In the first webinar, Peter will demonstrate
how a student is able to create and place math content into a Microsoft .DOCX file in addition to using HumanWare’s symbol and template selector tools.
Peter will also help teachers and students alike employ best practice and troubleshooting methods for the efficient use of KeyMath and will demonstrate
how easy it is to save and share math assignments.

Reviewing and editing math homework, sharing assignments with teachers and classmates, and what’s coming next with KeyMath.

In the second webinar, Peter will demonstrate how a student can easily edit math content that has been previously created. The process of sharing files
to both Google Drive, DropBox, and the KeyMail Application will also be shown. This second webinar will also preview a very exciting update to KeyMath
that will for the first time allow a student to generate graphs for his/her sighted teacher, as well as the ability to emboss graphs and images for further
exploration. Humanware looks forward to your participation in one or both of these webinars, and also to the start of a new school year.

Wednesday August 30 at 2:00 PM EDT


We look forward to sharing with you this valuable information!


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