Guest Post: Company seeking screen reader users for useability study

Company seeking screen reader users for useability study


For info, please send an email to Andrea Purton at:


I work as the User Experience Researcher for a startup software company based in BC called ThoughtExchange ( Our company is working to improve accessibility for our web app and our website. We provide a tool that allows groups of people to engage in meaningful conversation around a topic chosen by a leader, and so it is important to us to lower barriers to engage in that conversation. Our product is dynamic and interactive, so one major challenge is how to modify for accessibility without compromising the interactive experience.

Participants would be compensated for their time ($60/hr, $30/half hr), and can be interviewed from their home or office, as long as they have access to a computer and the internet. Typically, interviews are half an hour long, but can be up to an hour in special cases. Participants are usually asked to navigate through a website or app and asked questions about their experience as they go.

We are just beginning to modify our web app, but at this stage, I would like to interview (online) one or more people who use screen readers.