Guest Post: News from CELA about their upcoming new web site.

Guest post

Dear Patron,
We have exciting news! In early March 2019 we will be launching a new website platform designed to make it easier and faster for you to access our entire collection. We are combining the CELA and Bookshare collections into a single, mobile responsive, streamlined website so patrons can easily access more than 650,000 titles in a variety of formats.
Our new platform offers:
• A clean, simplified website that is easy to navigate
• A mobile-responsive interface to make downloading books directly to accessible reading apps faster and easier
• Consolidated search records to simplify finding the books you want in the formats you need
• A single, streamlined registration process for both CELA and Bookshare
• Enhanced privacy and improved protection for copyright laws
While our website is changing, our commitment to provide our patrons with a comprehensive collection of accessible reading materials and excellent customer service remains unchanged. Services you count on, such as home delivery, single use braille, auto selection of titles, and direct downloads will continue. Our growing collection, plus the Bookshare collection, will be available in the formats of your choice, just as they always have. And we are committed to ensuring your privacy, while also enhancing protections for the materials we produce thanks to the provisions in Canadian Copyright Act.
New site launch
As we prepare for the launch of our new website, will be unavailable from Monday February 25, to Tuesday March 5 to allow us to migrate our collection and your account information.  Borrowing materials and access to newspapers and magazines will be suspended during this time. We are encouraging all patrons who access materials digitally to ensure they have enough reading materials to sustain them during this service interruption.
We understand how important your library service is to you and we apologize for this interruption in our service. We will do our best to minimize its effects on patrons. We do encourage you to reach out to your local library to see what materials they may have for you. In addition, if you currently have a Bookshare account you will be able to access reading materials via the website.
Things to know about our new website
• Our address is not changing. You will still find us at
• Your login and passwords remain the same for our new website. If you are currently a Bookshare patron, your CELA account will now give you access to all of the CELA and Bookshare materials in one single search through the website. You will no longer need to log in to Bookshare and CELA separately to find your books.
• CELA patrons can continue to register for free for the optional Bookshare account to access an additional 550,000 accessible titles.
• We are migrating all of your account information, including your CELA bookshelf to our new system. Holds placed on materials currently in our collection will also be transferred. Holds on materials that are specified as “on order” in the CELA collection will not transfer to the new system. Please make note of these titles for your records and request them when they become available.
• All the reading materials and support services you’ve enjoyed through CELA will continue to be available to you.
• We are here to help. Our new website will include information to help you navigate. As always, if you have any questions about your CELA account please contact us by email at  or by calling our Contact Centre at 1-855-655-2273
Over the coming weeks we will be sharing more information about our new website via our newsletters, and social media. OCELAnce the new website is launched, we encourage you to explore it and provide us with your feedback.  Our decision to develop this new website was driven by our commitment to provide the best possible experience to public library patrons using CELA services.
We look forward to introducing you to your new website and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Michael Ciccone, Executive Director
Centre for Equitable Library Access
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