Guest blog post by Donna Jodhan (product review) easy to use recording device. 

This is the first of hopefully many guest blogs by Donna Jodhan who generously wanted to help and support GTT. I know she is busy and thank her very much for generously providing us with blog posts. We agreed that she would focus on products that may be more low tech in nature. Ones that are very easy to use and very user friendly. I am very excited about her participation in the blog and thank her very much for her generosity and support of GTT. The product Donna describes below can be found in Canada at the following link. 

August 31 2015

No need to be afraid of technology
Hi there! My name is Donna and every two weeks I promise to come into your inbox to share some tips with you on how you can overcome your fear of technology. This is my first blog and I thank my friend Kim for giving me an opportunity to visit with you.
Many of us did not grow up in the era of technology and it is probably why we are so hesitant when it comes to interacting with it. For me, I am somewhere in between and it never ceases to amaze me how much technology can change our lives. From the most basic of technology to the most sophisticated; it does not really matter.
I want to talk about some of the most basic technology in my blogs and I’ll start with a handy little gadget called “Talk to the Wilson.”
This little recorder can fit very easily into your pocket or purse. It contains just three very easy to find buttons and a very powerful little microphone. It operates on battery and you can even clip it to your belt. You can record up to 15 messages on this tiny recorder.
To make sure that you are holding the recorder in the right position, make sure that the speaker is towards you and it is the top part of the recorder. The bottom part is the smooth surface of the recorder. The clip is at the back of the recorder.  
From left to right, the buttons are: record, play, and delete.

So, hold down the record button (the leftmost button) to start recording and you hear a beep when you hold it down. Start recording as soon as you hear the beep and to stop just press the play button which is the middle button. You will hear a beep when you do this.
To hear what you have just recorded, press the play button again and presto! Clear as crystal! You can either press the play button again to interrupt your listening or wait for it to finish and you will hear a beep that signifies that the recording is over.
You can cycle through your messages by pressing the play button to start, stop, and go to the next recording.  
To delete, press the delete button while listening to what you wish to delete. This is the rightmost button. You will hear two sharp beeps which signify that your recording has been deleted.
To cycle through your recordings just keep pressing the play button.

Important notes:  

Your recordings cannot be transferred to a computer.

Once a recording is deleted it cannot be retrieved.

You can only cycle through your recordings and go forward.

You cannot go backward or skip recordings.
The Talk to the Wilson recorder is just a nifty little recorder for recording quick notes. The great thing here is that it is very handy and very easy to use.
So have fun now with the Talk to the Wilson recorder and see you in two weeks.

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Have a super day