Web Accessibility Advocacy: Letter to West Jet by Peg Mercer

To Whom It May Concern
Disability Assistance, West Jet

My name is Peg Mercer and I often travel with West Jet. I am a blind person and use screen-reading software to access information on the computer screen.

I often purchase airline tickets online. For several years, I appreciated the efforts that West Jet took to implement measures of accessibility to their site. The booking page for visually-impaired people was easy to access as the link for it appeared on the home page.

More recently, this booking page for visually impaired people has been moved inside an area under “Accessibility” which makes it harder to locate straightaway. The current issue that is most problematic with this booking page, however, is that now the date fields for choosing departure and return dates are no longer accessible to navigate by those using screen-reading software. The consequence of this current problem is that users of screen-reading software can no longer carry out online bookings on West Jet’s site.

I understand that web site content and design may need updating from time to time. It is very important, however, that the standard of accessibility for all users remain constant and not be compromised as a result of updating. I will add that ideally, accessibility standards need to be built in to the site globally so that accessible design is present in all areas of the site and not restricted to segregated sections of the site. In this way, the site would be easy for anyone to utilize from any page of it.

I trust that West Jet may consult with experts in web design that conform to accessible standards in order that all your site is fully and equally usable by all customers and that the standard does not change when updates are made.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this important matter


Peg Mercer

Cc: Access for Sight Impaired Consumers
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
Canadian Council of the Blind

GTT Kingston meeting on October 8 at 10 AM>

826 Princess Street at the CNIB Kingston offices.

Their topic is every day technology.

People will be encouraged to bring in devices and gadgets that they use in their homes every day.

We have used this topic in other GTT groups and it is highly successful.

For more information, contact Maryse Theberge

(613) 542-4975 X 5088


The GTT Kingston group will be meeting on Thursday October 8 at 10 AM at 

Kingston GTT meeting on September 10 and tech fair day at Kingston CNIB on September 24.

Hello everyone. 

Another eastern Ontario tech fair day to announce. 

Before I do that, I want to thank Maryse and the Kingston GTT group for letting me call in to their meeting on September 10 2015 and talk all about blind square. 

David Grene who volunteers with GTT in Ottawa joined me and he is a great user of blind Square. 

Thanks David. 

Maryse sent me the following announcement to post to the blog about a tech fair day in Kingston. 

There will also be one in Lanarck on Wednesday September 23. 

I do not have details about that one.  For more information about it call Richard Marsolais 

613-563-4021 X. 5029 



Assistive Technology Demo Day
Thursday, September 24, 2015

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

734 Montreal St. 

Kingston, ON
Drop in and view the latest in assistive technology and unique products for people with vision loss
Phone: Maryse: 613-542-4975 x 5088

Or Anne: 613-542-4975 x 5080


DAISY Players

Computers with large print and speech


Note Takers

Day Planners and More!
Hope to see you there!

GTT meeting in Kingston Ontario

Hello everyone.

Last year, the Independent Living skills specialist at CNIB in Kingston, started a GTT group there.

These groups are continuing this year.

The first meeting will take place this Thursday September 10 from 10 AM to noon at the Kingston CNIB office.

The address is below.

Kim Kilpatrick (National GTT Coordinator) will be on the phone for this meeting to talk about GTT national calls, and also to help with a presentation on Blindsquare and other recent Iphone apps.

For more information and to contact Maryse, see her contact information below.


Maryse Theberge

Independent Living Skills Specialist


826 Princess Street

Kingston ON 

K7L 1G3

Tel: 613-542-4975 x5088

Fax: 613-542-8639