Subscribing to the GTT blog.

Hello everyone, 
It is a very good thing that our GTT email list has grown and grown. 
It is also an excellent thing that we have started regular day time GTT meetings and conference call meetings. 
It is also wonderful that GTT groups are springing up across Canada. 
The only down side of this is that the email list is growing too big and many emails are going into spam folders. 
It is also taking me an increasingly longer time to send emails. 
So, I have set up a GTT blog at wordpress. 
When you follow the blog, you will get the text of each blog entry sent directly to your email address. 
This is a much more efficient way of delivering GTT information. 
It will also allow you to send me information to be posted to the blog. 
Subscribing is easy. 
But, if you are nervous and wish me to subscribe you, please send me an email at 
Here are the steps to subscribe. 
Go to 
Find the button that says follow. 

It is located near the bottom of the page.

If you are a screen reader user, make a links list and press F for follow.

Find the edit box for putting an email address in. 
You will then get an email with a link to click confirming your subscription. 
Click on it and you are done. 
You will receive every GTT post in your mail in the body of an email message. 
If you prefer, you can use the above link to check the blog periodically for new posts without subscribing. 
Thank you so much for doing this. 
It makes things much easier for me and for us all in the long run. 
TAKE care. 

Kim Kilpatrick
Coordinator GTT Program 
twitter @gttprogram