Tactile vision Graphics has accessible holiday cards and more for all!

At our Ottawa GTT meeting on December 15, (Minutes to come)

The husband and wife team from Tactile Vision Graphics, brought some holiday cards to show and sell.

They are members and supporters of GTT and have a very unique company.

See their message below.

Say “Season’s greetings” in tactile and Braille!

Seasonal Products and Our Holiday Hours

Tactile Greeting Cards

Fifty different holiday cards in coloured Braille and full colour, featuring snowflakes, doves, Christmas trees, angels, mangers, stars, Father Christmas, holly, scrolls, baubles, children piled into a Christmas tree shape, holiday cards for parents and grandparents, … what does a snowman feel like in profile rather than drawn fully facing the camera? Name it, we’ve probably got it! Call us to put together a box for you. (866)465-0755 or http://tactilevisiongraphics.com/our-shop/ and search for greeting cards.

Tactile and Colourful Stickers!

What about a fun little gift you can tuck into a basket, slip under the corner of a placemat or attach to another present? Each package includes 30 stickers. We have twenty different kinds including Christmas trees, hearts, stars, maple leaves, shamrocks, music notesFor the vision teachers and independent living skills instructors among us, we also carry stickers with directional arrows to identify appliances, light switches, dials and wherever else they work! (866)465-0755 or http://tactilevisiongraphics.com/our-shop/ and search for stickers.

Christmas Magic and Winter Fun!

Alright, so we’re into it, at least here in Canada’s national capital region. Deep winter has descended by the shovelful! So one way of dealing with it might be to entertain ourselves with seasonal drawings. Why not consider a tactile colouring book for the little artist in your family? Picture your child sprawled out in front of the fire, (or television) with a colouring book and crayons. Would you ever have imagined such a gloriously nostalgic moment if your child is blind? We can make it happen with our tactile colouring books. Call us (866)465-0755 or purchase from our website http://tactilevisiongraphics.com/our-shop/

Holiday Hours

We’ll be filling orders till Dec 24 and we’ll do our best to accommodate however we can. We’ll be closed from 25-29 December, enjoying time with family.
From our house to yours, happy holidays and Merry christmas. We wish you peace and good health for the New year!
With best wishes,
Emmanuel and Rebecca

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