Have a wonderful holiday season.

It has been quite the year for GTT.
I am amazed sometimes when I think about it.
I am enjoying coordinating GTT so very much.
My thanks to all who have collaborated and contributed to GTT.
For those who volunteer their time to teach others about technology, assist with tea and coffee, help people find the right place, drive ETC, thanks to you all.
For those who participate and bring their great ideas, thank you!
to those who have provided grants, including the community foundation of Ottawa and the crabtree foundation, thanks.
For those who have partnered with GTT, thank you.
This includes: CKCU radio, CNIB front line staff, CCB who is taking the lead in funding and supporting GTT.
Thanks to you all for your dedication and enthusiasm and may 2015 be the best GTT year ever!
Posted by Kim Kilpatrick
Coordinator GTT Program