Voicedream writer app has been updated.

Voice Dream Writer updated allowing you to use the voicedream reader voices in the writer app.
Posted by Kim Kilpatrick
GTT Coordinator
The Voicedream writer app has been updated to allow you to use the fabulous voices provided in voicedream reader when you are editing and composing your new documents.
I have not yet spent a lot of time with this app but it seems quite incredible.
It also has low vision settings.
You can proofread documents naturally or in detail.
You can also format documents.
You can spell check and look up words.
You can export them into other formats and to dropbox.
Perhaps the notetaker app which will allow people who are blind or have partial vision to do this task easily on an I device.
Very handy.
I have also been using the app access note which was developed by the American Foundation for the blind.
It used to be a paid app but has gone free.
I really like some of its features as well.
It is nice to know that taking notes and writing documents is becoming easier on I devices.
Just a question, will people be more inclined to use only their I device say paired with braille display or bluetooth keyboard and not use lap tops or specialized notetaking devices?
I’m not sure what will happen but it will be interesting to find out.

One thought on “Voicedream writer app has been updated.

  1. As much as I enjoy the special apps on my iPhone, and that is the only Apple device that I do own, I still very much enjoyed using my laptop. Keyboarding is easier and faster then on the Bluetooth devices/keyboards, as far as I’m concerned. Also, you can’t beat a laptop for storage space! These Devices normally are limited in their speed and storage capacity. I enjoy my Apple device because it allows me to do scanning, GPS, communications etc. My computer I like to use for record keeping, archiving, storage of pictures, larger files and I do doing my emails on my computer because then I don’t have to rely on a finicky dictation or series moody misrepresentation of what I say. Half the time I have to go back and spend so much time editing a message that I just can’t be bothered. So, if there are some crazy air errors in this message, you’ll know why! Thanks for your message however. Just thought I would put my to sense worth in.

    iphone 6 happiness!



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