CELA contact info.

Contact info for CELA from our national conference call last week.

Posted by Kim Kilpatrick

GTT Coordinator


We had a very successful conference call on February 11 2015.

I will be posting more detailed notes to this blog about the call very soon.

Lindsay provided contact information below and I know some of you on the call were very interested in getting it.

Stay tuned for more.

Hello Kim,


Thank you for the opportunity to speak with your group last night. It was a pleasure to speak with such an engaged group of readers and technology enthusiasts.


I’m following up to provide my contact details and summary of CELA as we discussed yesterday. The CELA website address is www.celalibrary.ca. My contact information is in the signature block below.


Here’s the text from the bookmark that Margaret mentioned which summarizes CELA services nicely:


Do you or someone you know have difficulty reading print?


Your public library offers a collection of over 230,000 books and more for people who have trouble reading print due to a learning, physical or visual disability.


•        A choice of formats including audio, braille or accessible e-book

•        Bestsellers, award-winners, classics, self-help, business and more

•        Books for kids, teens and adults

•        Download books or receive home delivery by mail


Ask at your public library


Best regards,


Lindsay Tyler

Manager, CELA Member Services

Centre for Equitable Library Access

T: (416) 486-2500, ext. 7746 or 1-855-655-2273 press 2

F: (416) 480-7700