Finding the blog posts of interest to you.

Finding the posts you are interested in
Posted by Kim Kilpatrick
GTT Coordinator
This blog is a very convenient place to list all of the things that are going on with GTT.
We are growing across the country and holding meetings in more places.
We are also starting to hold national conference calls on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
Because of all of this great activity, you will probably see more varied posts on this blog.
Note, that in the title of each post, we will be clear about what the post is.
The city name or national conference call will be listed first.
Example: National GTT conference call on March 11 on…
Or Ottawa GTT meeting o January 23.
If we are putting up notes and articles of interest, the words notes, articles, reviews Etc will be first.
This way, even if you don’t live where you can attend a meeting, you can read the notes.
It will also be clearly indicated in the title what the article or topic for notes is.
Article on screen magnification
Or notes on the GTT Victoria meeting about direct to player downloads.
This way, even though you may get more emails from the blog as we get busier, you will easily be able to know what you would like to read and what you would like to delete.
Thank you for your support of this blog and GTT.
We have over 100 subscribers now and that number keeps growing.
Before the blog, I was having to send out mass emails which took a lot of time and people did not always receive them as they were considered spam.
Thank you again.
If you have ideas for conference calls, if you want to set up a small conference call to learn more about GTT or to get started, if you have articles of interest or topics you would like researched, please let us know.
Also, remember we are here for individual training support and assistence by phone, by email or even by facetime and other means.
If you live near us, we are also available in person of course.
Kim’s contact info is
or 1-877-304-0968
I will let Albert share his contact information with you in another blog post.
Kim Kilpatrick