Resources from Top TEch Tidbits and CSUN conference 2015.

Here are a list of resources for those interested in the CSUN conference, exhibits, and new products.

At CSUN in California every year, new products are showcased and discussed.  I have never been to one of these conferences.  I would love to go to one some time.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at top tech tidbits, here are a set of podcasts and blog posts about this year’s conference and highlights.

For those who wish to keep up with what went on at the recent CSUN conference, we open this week with a wealth of means by which you can do so:

1A) Blind Bargains has the most usable audio coverage, with more than 20 interviews with exhibitors, provided individually so that one can easily listen to those of interest:

1B) Serotalk offers four packages of CSUN interviews, with each recording containing several interviews, making it more difficult to zero in on a particular interview, but their packages contain interviews with exhibitors not included within the Blind Bargains listing:

Meanwhile, AFB’s Crista Earl authored two informative blog posts:

1C) “Cameras for Everybody”

1D) And “3D Printing Is Coming to People Who Are Blind”:

Posted by Kim Kilpatrick GTT Coordinator