Braille display for sale.

Hello again everyone.

I was asked by someone to post widely this information.

She is looking to sell a braille display.

It is not bluetooth so would not pair with smart phones or devices that require bluetooth.

See message below for more information.

Focus 40 braille display for sale. Eight-year-old unit which is in
very good condition. Has never been repaired. Connects to the computer
via a USB port. Has a keyboard stand which screws on the back of the
unit. Has an eight-key Perkins-style keyboard at the front of the
unit. Has a row of routing cursors above the cells, and a row of
programmable buttons above the routing cursors. Asking price: $1500,
but can be negotiated. For more information, please contact Maryse
Glaude-Beaulieu at 613-884-4887 or at