Reminder of the national GTT Conference call this Wednesday May 13 at 7 PM Eastern time. 

This is just a reminder of our regular national teleconference call for GTT.  Our national calls always take place on the second Wednesday of every month.  They are always at 7 PM Eastern and we cover topics suggested by and of interest to our participants. Some of the topics covered so far include: 

Downloading books onto the Victor stream 

Using the plextalk linio and the blaze EZ digital talking book players 

Using the CELA library system 

Using the NNELS library system 

Using bookshare

And our topic on May 13 is social media.  

This is for people wanting to learn about social media, (what it is and how you can use it). 

We will have 3 twenty minute presentations:  One on facebook, one on twitter, and one on linked in. 

We will also have time for questions.  

Our three presenters are: 

Leona Emberson (facebook)

Rebecca Jackson (Twitter)

and Tom Dekker (linked in).

Thanks to those of you who have registered for this call.  Our spaces are limited so please do not call in unless you have checked with me.

I am putting the call in info below for everyone.

If you have not registered and would like to do so, please contact Kim Kilpatrick (GTT Coordinator) at 




We are testing right now to find the best ways of  recording our presentations so they will be available later.

The call in info is: 

1-866-351-5099 As soon as voice answers, press pound 135.