GTT Victoria Meeting Summary, March 4, 2015

On March 4th the GTT Victoria group met at Fort Tectoria for the first time. This technology based company has agreed to host the GTT meetings through the spring time to see how our aims might fit with theirs. The new location was found to be very well situated on Fort Street between Douglas and Blanchard, and boasts a fine coffee shop as participants enter the building. They also offer a great lounge where people can gather over a cup of coffee to talk about technology, and use their super high speed internet wireless connection.

During the meeting about 10 people signed up as members of the Canadian Council of the Blind as GTT Victoria members. The next meeting will confirm a GTT Coordinator for this group, as well as a note taker and communications distribution guru.

The second part of the meeting had some people gathering in small groups to learn more about the iDevices they brought to the meeting. As this was our first time in Fort Tectoria, we did notice that the requested room configuration wasn’t quite optimum for our use. Some ideas were generated that will be implemented for the next gathering. Namely, we will allow more space around the perimeter of the room for people to more easily move about. If any of you have additional ideas to share please contact Albert by commenting on this post or replying to the email message.

Once again, let us thank over Twitter and Facebook those people who have generously offered us this fine location to meet for the months of March, April, May and June. Their Twitter and Facebook links can be found at:

Respectfully submitted,

Albert Ruel