Guest blog post wanting to nominate GTT Ottawa for an award

This is a blog post written by Shelley Morris. She wants to nominate the Ottawa GTT program for an award. See her contact information below if you would like to support this nomination. I want to personally thank Shelley and all of you who help and support GTT. It means so much to have the blind community working together to help each other with technology. 

Hi Fellow GTT Participants,


Here in Ottawa, the Get Together With Technology program is as strong as ever. Along with regular monthy meetings, GTT members learn from each other, get one-on-one coaching and receive valuable, up-to-date information courtesy of the GTT Blog, Facebook and Twitter posts. If we have a concern, run into a bug, want information on the latest and greatest updates and searching for information on how technology can be made adaptable for blind/vision-impaired users, we know where to turn. No question is a silly question.


It is for this reason that I would like to nominate Ottawa’ s Get Together with Technology program for a 2015 Celebration of People Award—Education Award category. 


The Celebration of People is an award that is given to an individual or group that makes life better for those with disabilities in Ottawa. There are several categories in which to nominate. Please see for an overview. Awards are presented at a ceremony, typically held on December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 


I would like to invite you to help me to nominate the GTT to receive this award.


Here is what I will need from you:


I will create the covering letter and submit the application. 

–I will need two people to be references. If two people would like to come forward as references, that would be very helpful.

–All of you are more than welcome and definitely encouraged to write a supporting letter. The more letters and testimonials we have, the stronger our application will be. Have you benefitted from being involved in the GTT? How has it helped you? Have you been able to share what you have learned with others? Do you enjoy getting together with others who face the same challenges as you do? Do you have a good GTT story that you would like to share? Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘writer’ an email will do. I will gather these and include them in the nomination package. 


There are two deadlines: The Early Bird deadline is September 14. The deadline for all submissions is October 14. 


If you wish to submit a testimonial, could you please have it to me by




For now, I would like to keep the submission to the Ottawa area as one of the criteria for nomination is that the recipient’s work must benefit those living in the Ottawa area. 


I would love to hear from you about this. If you have any questions or require more inforamtion, please do not hesitate to contact me


I look forward to compiling the nomination. Fingers crossed we will be in the running and, possibly receive the award. 







Shelley Ann Morris

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