Guest blog post about talking microwaves

This is another guest blog post from Donna Jodhan all about talking microwaves.

September 14 2015

Meet the talking microwave


Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.  As mentioned in my previous blog, I would like to concentrate on the lower levels of technology and today I’d like you to meet the talking microwave.


I am happy to tell you that just a few years ago, I got introduced to the talking microwave and since then I have used this gem every day in my kitchen.  The model that I bought was by Hamilton Beech and I am sure that since then there have been additional improvements and other companies manufacturing and selling talking microwaves.  


So what can I do with this talking microwave model?  Well, I can do such things as:

Cook or warm food at specified times.

Cook or warm specific foods.

Defrost frozen foods.

Cook and warm food by weight.

Set my timer.

Set my clock.


I can warm and or cook anything from frozen to fresh vegetables, potatoes, soups, popcorn, a dinner plate, pizza, and beverages.


Here is a brief layout of this model.  The buttons are located towards the right hand side of the front of the microwave.


First off, there are buttons that go down the front of the unit vertically and each button represents the numbers that you can choose to cook for; from one to five minutes.

I can also choose the number of minutes that I wish to cook for if it is more than five minutes.


There is a big round knob to the left of these buttons that allow me to cook for 30 seconds at a time when you press it in.  Turning the big round knob clockwise also enables you to select what you wish to heat up; from frozen vegetables to potatoes and pizza and more.  You can hear the choices as you turn the knob.


I can clear or stop the microwave and all of these buttons mentioned here emit voice output when pressed.  I can even choose the voice level that best suits me.  There are three additional buttons at the bottom of the front of the microwave and going from left to right they are:


Press once and you can stop the microwave.  Press twice and you can clear the time completely.

The middle button is for choosing the voice level.  

The right most button is for setting the kitchen timer.


When I bought the Hamilton Beech microwave, it came with a cassette but I am sure that by now their manuals would either be online or in other alternate formats.  Of course, there are always improvements to be made and I am sure that the folks at Hamilton Beech are quite mindful of our needs.


If this is not the case then I would love to hear your comments.


That’s my talking microwave and I hope you will go out there and make friends with it. 

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