Talking bathroom scales!  Resources! Guest blog post from Donna Jodhan with input from Kim Kilpatrick

Below see a blog post from Donna Jodhan. I too have had talking bathroom scales for many years. 

They are very useful and helpful even for weighing some items including my guide dogs. 

September 28 2015

Meet the talking bathroom scale


Hi there!  It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox.  As mentioned in my previous blog, I would like to concentrate on the lower levels of technology and today I’d like you to meet the talking bathroom scale.


Now, I’ll state up front that I bought this nifty piece of technology many years ago and I am not sure who sells it today but I can give you some contact info to check out.  


When I bought my first talking bathroom scale, I was lucky enough to have my friend Maria bring it to me from the United States as she had purchased it for me at a convention.  However, I am hopeful that someone in Canada would be selling it today and I’ll share my contact info with you at the end of my blog.


The talking bathroom scale is really a very simple device.  It is larger than the regular scale and when I bought it the cost was quite a bit more than the regular scale.  It works through the use of a square battery and you can insert the battery into a small compartment at the bottom of the scale.  So you’ll have to flip it over in order to locate it.


My present talking bathroom scale can announce my weight in either pounds or kilos and I can choose my preference of announcement by tapping the bottom right hand corner of the surface of the scale with my foot.  Note from Kim: The scale I have, you have to press a button on the scale to get it to talk. Back to Donna. Each time I tap with my foot the scale announces what I have chosen.  The voice is in a clear male tone with a somewhat British like accent.  


To use the talking bathroom scale; I first place it on a level floor surface.

Next I stand on the scale and I  place each foot on either side of a large round button which is located towards the top left hand corner of the scale.  

Within seconds you’ll hear a voice that says “please step off.”  

When you step off the voice will then tell you your weight in whichever format you have chosen.

At this point you could tap the bottom right hand corner to change the format of your weight and the scale will announce it to you.


So for example:  I stand on the scale placing my feet in the position indicated above.

The scale asks me to please step off.

It announces my weight to me in pounds.

I tap the bottom right hand corner of the scale with my foot and it then announces my weight in kilos.


The next time I stand on my scale it will announce my weight in the format that I previously chose.  

Note:  When you first stand on the scale, it beeps before it asks you to please step off.  


Simple and easy and here is the contact info that I can share with you.

Note from Kim: I looked up talking bathroom scales and found one on the Future Aids/braille book store site for 42 dollars. 

Their web site is

Frontier Computing does not appear to have these any more. 

The CNIB store may have them but Kim was unable to find one in their list. 

From Kim: If anyone has products they would like us to know about that you use around the house all of the time, please send an email to 

Back to Donna: 

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