First ever GTT Northern Ontario teleconference call October 15 2015 7 PM. 

‘See the note below from Dorothy who is helping to start a northern ontario GTT group. 

I am very excited about this too and will be on the first call. 

Just a reminder that if anyone in any community is interested in starting a GTT group, get in touch. We can help you with ideas, logistics, suggestions and of course post your announcements, resources, and notes to the blog. 


Hello everyone,
Here is information about our first CCB Northern Ontario Get Together with Technology (GTT) teleconference call. Everyone is welcome, so please share this information with anyone you know with vision loss.
It will be on Thursday, October 15 at 7 p.m. Eastern time.
The number to phone is 1-866-740-1260. The access code is 5670311.

It is pretty straightforward.  
Kim Kilpatrick from the CCB National office, who is in charge of the GTT program in the East will be co-facilitating with me.
The topic we’ve chosen for the first teleconference is “Adaptations we’ve made in daily living situations and technology that can help”. We will share ideas that range from simple, common sense ideas that work to low tech devices to high tech devices, including apps available for iPhones, iPads, and android phones and tablets. You may want to find out how others label items like cans in their cupboards, how to identify colours of clothing, how to keep track of appointments and other practical ideas. Kim has vast experience, as do some of the people in our CCB group who will be joining the call. 

We will also have time at the end of the meeting to talk about ideas for future workshops, as we want these GTT workshops to meet your needs.
Looking forward to this first teleconference and hope everyone can be involved.