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Below find another  blog post from Donna Jodhan. 

This post talks about timers. 

There are many ways to access timers. 

There have been braille timers. 

Also, there are some commercially available ones at kitchen stores that can work.  

Also, microwaves  usually have a timer feature. 

Of course, smart phones and I pod touches have this feature too.  You can even ask Siri to set a timer for you. 

Here is Donna’s post. 

Meet the talking timer


Hi there! It’s Donna and thank you for allowing me to come into your inbox. As mentioned in my previous blog, I would like to concentrate on the lower levels of technology and today I’d like you to meet the talking timer.


Ah yes! The talking timer and over the years this precious commodity has both shrunk in size and cost. There was a time when the talking timer was not very portable and it was also extremely clumsy and clunky in shape. Today however, the talking timer has shrunk in both size and cost and it is now possible for you to stuff one in your pocket or purse.  


The cost of a talking timer has also dropped dramatically and you can now buy one for about $20. The nice thing about the talking timer is that there is a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from. Some talking timers come with a talking clock add on while others do not. I have both.  


You can get a talking timer for your kitchen or have one that clips on to your belt. I have a talking timer/clock that gives me the option of choosing different sounds for when the timer goes off and I also have one that does not give me the option. They are both very 0ortable and I can clip them onto my belt.


You’ll have to find the one that best suits you. Just make sure that the one you want is the one you end up with. The talking timer is a very nifty little gadget to have. Use it to time your cooking and baking. Use it when you wish to time yourself on your exercising equipment or use it for anything else. The ones that I have work with triple A batteries.


Here are a few places for you to contact if you are interested to learn more.

CNIB – toll free = 1800 563 2642

Frontier Computing – toll free = 1-888-480-0000

Or visit

You can also call them at 1-800-987-1231


So have fun now with your talking timer and see you in two weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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