Useful resource for Iphone users for the GTT national teleconference calls.

Lorne Webber (one of the leaders in the Edmonton GTT) has sent us these very useful resources.

Thank you Lorne.

If you are unable to access the files, send an e-mail to

and I will send you the direct e-mail.

Thank you Lorne.


The main reason GTT works so beautifully is that we all share and help each other with resources, links, tips and tricks, and more.

First is a contact card that can be downloaded or emailed to someone’s
iPhone which will allow someone to go straight into the conference
room, without entering the passcode, which can be frustrating for some
iPhone users.

Second is a calendar file which will put an entry on the correct day
each month as to when the teleconference is happening.
I’ve included instructions below for how to enter these into someone’s
iPhone. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Adding GTT contact to your phone’s list of contacts

Open your email on your iPhone.
Down near the bottom, you’ll find GTT National Teleconference line
vcf, double tap on that.
Then it will show the contact details, the name GTT National
Teleconference line, it’ll tell you it’s missing a photo, and the
phone number. if you keep swiping you’ll find 2 buttons, create new
contact or add to existing contact, choose the first one, create new
Then it will open up a new contact form just like when you go to
create one for yourself, but with the name and phone number already
filled out, just tap the done button near the top right corner.
That’s it, you’ll now have a new contact in your contacts called GTT
National Teleconference Line that will take you right into the GTT
teleconference meeting.
Final tip, Tell Siri to call GTT and it will now put you through
without ever having to use the iPhone’s keypad.

Adding reminder to Calendar
Open your Email on your iPhone.
Down near the bottom, you’ll find GTT National Teleconference call
reminder ics, double tap on that.
Then it will show the event details. Do not tap on the done button
at the top right corner on this screen, rather you have to go down to
the very bottom, it will say add to calendar, double tap on that.
It will then ask you to choose a calendar, you can just tap the done
button in the top right corner at this point if you’re ok with the
default calendar being used, probably your iCloud calendar.
That’s it, you’re finished.