Transferring CNIB/CELA library books on your IOS Device into voice dream reader. 

Several people have asked me for this information. 

By Kim Kilpatrick 

Putting a book from CNIB/CELA library into voice dream reader. 

Some people have found that the direct to player app which CNIB created for I Devices, is not working well and consistently. I have had many problems with it myself. 

It often suddenly declares a service error. And sometimes will only read part of a book. 

So, I still use voice dream reader to read CNIB/CELA library books. 

It has more features in my opinion and is much more stable. 

Voicedream reader can also do many other things. 

With it, you can link it directly to your dropbox and bookshare accounts and pocket or instipaper if you use those services. 

Voice dream reader also allows you to have very high quality text to speech voices. 

It is not a free app, usually costing about 10 dollars. 

Here is its link in the app store. 

Voice Dream Reader by Voice Dream LLC

There is also an app now called voice dream suite which gives you voice dream reader, voice dream writer (a word processing app) and two very high quality voices for 22 dollars. 

Several people have asked me how you get books directly into voice dream reader. 

I have tried several ways but, so far, this is the easiest one I have found. 

In your IOS app store, download the voice dream reader app listed above and also download the google chrome web browser. 

 Chrome – web browser by Google by Google, Inc.

Open chrome and in the address field put in the cnib or cela library address. 


Sign in to your library account. 

Search for the book you wish and make sure the format is daisy zip. 

Double tap on the get it link. 

Double tap on the download link. 

You will then see a page telling you the download size. 

Double tap on the download button and your download will start. 

Near the top of your screen just to the right of a button saying menu, it will tell you the percentage of download completed. 

When it is finished, you will find there download complete. 

It may not beep or make a noise so you need to keep checking that field. 

Now, near the bottom of your screen, you will notice install google drive. 

Just to the left of that is something that says open in. 

Double tap that and choose voice dream reader. 

Note: voice dream reader needs to be installed on your device before you try this. 

Now double tap that and it will open voice dream and put your book there. 

If anyone has other ways in which they move daisy books from cnib or cela library to voice dream, I’d love to know them. 

A few more tips about voice dream and daisy books, you can add bookmarks, you can also move around by headings or percentage. 

To turn on the sleep timer double tap and hold the play button and it will open. 

If you would like me to help you with this, call me at 1-877-304-0968 

Or email 

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  1. Great summary of using the IOS device to download books directly from Cela or CNIB. If people are using their PC or MAC and want CNIB books on their IOS device the easiest way I have found is to download the Daisy zip file to the computer put it into your drop box or google drive and then open voice dream reader on your IOS device and import the book from your drop box or google drive.

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