IOS 10 and voiceover and braille. Should you update?

Hello everyone.
I have been running the beta of IOS 10 for a few months now. There are some exciting new voiceover features. There are two bugs one quite annoying for braille display users. These are just my impressions.
You can also go to to find podcasts about this.
Big Pluses
1. New voiceover voices. There are several new voiceover voices to try. Some of you may recognize them from the mac and they are very high quality.
2. Arranging apps on your phone. Gone are the days when you had to slide your fingers around the screen to arrange apps. Now, when you are on a home screen, swipe down with one finger and when you hear arrange apps, double tap with one finger and you can then begin arranging apps.3. Getting rid of stock apps you do not want. You don’t have to keep any of the native apps on the phone that you don’t use anymore.
4. Pronunciation dictionary for voiceover. It is here.
5. In mail, when you read a message and then press delete, it goes right to the next message body and starts reading that.
Two bugs.
One is a big braille bug. When you have a braille display paired with your I device and. You are reading mail, each new line it inserts the name of the mail sender. This is quite annoying and has been pointed out to apple. If you are just listening with voiceover, you do not hear this.
Another bug is that in some apps, if you do a 2 finger double tap to continue listening to music etc, it sometimes starts dictation.
We are always here to help everyone get used to IOS 10. There are some great magnification features for people with low vision.
Contact me if you want to talk this through further.