GTT notes for Northern Ontario last call and upcoming meeting announcement.

Hello everyone.
Please find below the notes for the June 23 GTT Northern Ontario meeting.
We discussed gadgets and useful tools and generally had a round table (or rather round the phone) discussion about the most usable and useful gadgets and tools.
Kim and Dorothy have updated the notes with useful information and updated links and information.
On September 29 2016 on our call, we will have representatives from Aroga to talk about their latest products and their services.
Northern Ontario and Rural GTT Teleconference Meeting

June 23, 2016

Topic: Tools and Gadgets

There are some resources on the CNIB website regarding iPhone help and the link is below:
These are resources originally available through the Hadley School For The Blind
Albert Ruel with GTT has turned all of the below Ifocus videos into MP3 files which he can share with you.
If you want these, please email and Kim will forward your requests to Albert.

If you don’t have access to a computer and would like the text of any of the topics, please contact Dorothy at rmacnaug@sympatico and I will copy them into the body of an e-mail for you.

Text of the linked webpage:
iFocus Series on iPhone Accessibility
Did you know that all iPhones and iPads are accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted? In fact, the accessibility features within “i” devices are built right into the devices themselves – it’s just a matter of turning them on and knowing how to use them.
In the iFocus video series below, created by The Hadley School for the Blind, you’ll learn how to operate the built-in accessibility tools within the iPhone and iPad so you can make the most of your device.
We send our deepest thanks to our partners at Hadley for allowing us to share these videos on our website.
Using the “Zoom” feature
This group of videos will teach you the ins and outs of using the “Zoom” function on your iPhone or iPad, which allows you to make the text on your phone larger.
• iFocus – Using the Zoom Features
Using the “VoiceOver” feature
This next group of videos will show you how to use the “VoiceOver” feature on an iPad or iPhone, which is similar to a screen reader.
• iFocus – Beginning Gestures in Voiceover
• iFocus – Placing and Receiving Phone Calls
• iFocus – Typing on Your iDevice
• iFocus – Sending a Text Message
• iFocus – Checking Voicemail
• iFocus – Recording a Voice Memo
• iFocus – Setting an Alarm
• iFocus – Using the Timer
• iFocus – Checking the Weather
• iFocus – Using the Notes App
• iFocus – Composing an Email
• iFocus – Using the Rotor
• iFocus – Selecting, Copying and Pasting Text
• iFocus – Using the Notification Center
• iFocus – Accessing the Control Center
• iFocus – Setting Bookmarks in Safari
• iFocus – Advanced VoiceOver Gestures
• iFocus – Handwriting With iOS 7
• iFocus – Creating a Calendar Event
• iFocus – Resetting Your iDevice
• iFocus – Adding Elements to the Rotor
• iFocus – Pairing a Refreshable Braille Device
• iFocus – Introducing Alex in iOS
Learn more about iPhone accessibility…
Click here to browse a list of accessible iPhone apps, listed by category.

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has a webpage with technology instructional videos

Instructional Videos

If you want individualized help with your I devices please call or email Kim and she can help as well.
Applevis also has very good resources for all things IOS.
The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired has technology information

There is a prototype of a device called the “Buzz Clip”, a small device you wear which buzzes when you are near objects. It will be sold by Microcomputer Science Centre Inc. based in Mississauga.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a device and discs available called “ScripTalk” to allow access to prescription information verbally. You will need to ask for this and then the necessary arrangements can be made.

Talking Watches and Braille Watches from CNIB and also from Future Aids

Victor Reader Stream

Talking Clock

Atomic Clock – from Independent Living Aids in the U.S.

Talking Timer

Talking Calculator

Lighted Magnifier

Talking Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

Talking Thermostat (wifi, accessible through iPhone) from NEST

Monoculars – Lee Valley has one that is a jeweller’s loupe and is not very expensive

Magnified glasses

There are many highly tactile dots and shapes from Future Aids

Elastics (e.g. use one around the bottle for Shampoo; two elastics for Conditioner)

Magnets on cans; magnetic dymotape from CNIB which can be brailled

Pen Friend (new version)

Pen Friend with washable labels (more expensive)

Talking Scale – Braille Superstore or CNIB or Shoppers Home Health Care

App – Blind Square (navigation aid)

There are also other GPS apps specifically for people who are blind.
Near by Explorer for Android and Iphone which is an expensive app.
Autour is a new free GPS app for IOS which is in development.
App – Find My iPhone

App – People Finder Light

External battery boosters for any device that uses usbs ($10 on Amazon)

Waterproof smart phone case – Lifeproof

Bluetooth headphones – Mpaow

Apple battery case

Smart case (not waterproof)

Portable dictaphone (Phillips)

Recording using iPhone apps include:
voice memos
pocket recorder
Just press record

Recording using Victor Reader Stream

Recording using Plextalk Pocket

Olympus recorders

Tap Memo

Slate and stylus

Locator Tags

Money holder for coins

Divider between bills – doubled over aluminum foil

Free credit card holder from banks (heavy plastic)

mp3 Player

Audacity software for multi-track recording and editing
This is available for both windows and mac.

Gold Wave audio-video recording software

Sound recorder in PC

Recording cassettes onto CDs – Staples

Recording records onto CDs – Staples

Talking Meat Thermometer for the BBQ – iGrill

(Braille Superstore)

Orbit – braille display and reader
The orbit is now available for pre-order at the CNIB store.
They should be shipping in October.
You will pay a 50 dollar deposit and the final full price is 499 dollars.

Add to game sites – Blindfold Games

Canadian Braille Press

Tactile Vision Graphics – tactile and braille products