Aroga has a link on its page where they are selling demo units of their accessible products at reduced prices.aroga,

Now that I can finally post links to the blog, sorry for all of the backed up posts but I wanted to do them justice.

See below from aroga.

Some of these items might have been sold already but it is great to look back at their pages and see what they might have for sale.

With new products added every day, our Clearance Section features demos, consignment items and product that has been slashed in price by up to 70%! 

Here’s just some of the amazing deals you’ll find there:




BraillePen 12 Touch Demo Unit




DaVinci HD Desktop Magnifier Demo Unit






Jot A Dot Braille Writer





Braille Sense U2 Demo Unit





Merlin 20″ Desktop Magnifier Demo Unit





Plextalk Linio Pocket Demo Unit




Supplies are limited. All Demo Units are sold AS IS but are in great and working condition.