Opportunity to earn a gift certificate and test government web sites for accessibility.

Hello everyone. I have done testing for the below company before.
You can be from anywhere in Canada to do this. Also, both people with low vision and those who are totally blind would be eligible.
Use the contact information provided below in the posting.
Earn a $50 gift certificate for doing 1 hour of work from home.

Roy Ballantine at Neo Insight is looking for blind and partially sighted internet users to sign up to participate in 1-hour Skype sessions to test the usability of the Government of Canada website. The sessions are run entirely online using Skype and an internet browser, and a mutually convenient day and time. Participants are given a $50 PayPal or Amazon gift certificate for their time.

To be added to our list of candidates, please email your contact information to signup@neoinsight.com, or call Roy at (613) 317-1683. Your information will not be shared and your privacy will be preserved.