Important information about Jaws and an upcoming Windows 10 update!

The message below is from Jason Fayre from CNIB who is one of the leaders of GTT Toronto. I do not know how this applies to other screen readers such as NVDA. If anyone has any additional information, please send it to me at and I will post to the blog.
Hello all,
On April 11, Microsoft will begin roling out the next major update to Windows 10. This is a very large update, so Microsoft is sending it out in stages. You will probably not get the update immediately.
JAWS must be updated to the latest version of 17 or 18 to be compatible with this new update. If you already have the latest JAWS 18 update, there is nothing you need to do.
If JAWS is requesting that you update it, you should run the update. To be sure, I would suggest going to the Help menu in JAWS, then selecting “Check for Updates.”
The latest version of JAWS is 18.0.2530.