Victor Reader Stream Podcast Part 1 of 2, SD Card Bookshelves, October 22, 2020

Podcast Show Notes:

October 22, 2020

Theme: Victor Reader Stream Bookshelves Part 1 of 2

Use the above link to download the recorded Podcast MP3 file.

Presenter: Gerry Chevalier


In this 67 minute first of two presentations, Gerry demonstrates how to use the Victor Reader Stream SD card bookshelves to organize and play different types of content. The Victor Stream is a popular digital talking book player for blind people manufactured by HumanWare.

The Stream uses a bookshelf paradigm to manage content. Gerry explains the SD card bookshelves and what kind of content to place on each bookshelf folder of the SD card including DAISY books, Audible books, MP3 books, Podcasts, text files, and voice notes recorded by the Stream. You will learn how to:

  • Use Windows File Explorer to create folders .
  • Rename folders and place files into them.
  • Extract book folders from Zip files that you download from CELA Library and other content providers.
  • Unprotect a file downloaded from the Internet.
  • Transfer DAISY books and other types of files from your computer to the Stream SD card bookshelf folders.
  • Transfer an Access Technology Institute text book to the Stream.
  • Organize songs by genre, artist, and album using subfolders on the Stream’s music bookshelf folder.
  • Archive Stream recorded notes by moving them to the Other Books and Podcasts bookshelves.
  • Navigate different book types on the Stream including Microsoft Word documents and DAISY Text books and use the Stream to search within these text books.
  • Search Wiktionary and Wikipedia using the Stream.
  • Safely remove SD card media from your computer.

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