Get Together with Technology (GTT) at CSUN, March 13 to 15, 2019

Get Together with Technology (GTT) at CSUN


Thanks to Markido Inc. of Ottawa, four CCB staff and volunteers will have the great good fortune to attend the 34th CSUN Conference in Anaheim California later this week.  Look for periodic reports on the GTT network from Kim Kilpatrick, Rebecca Jackson, Maryse Glaude- Beaulieu and Albert Ruel.


If there’s something you want GTT staff and volunteers to investigate for you at CSUN, send your Tweet to @GTTWest or @GTTProgram, contact us through the GTTProgram.Blog site by commenting on this post, or subscribe to and post your questions to the discussion list.


Sam Burns, CEO of Markido Inc. will be promoting their PowerPoint Plug-in, “Engage” during CSUN and you can get a peak at its great support for accessible presentations by activating the below links.  You can download your own free version and see how it will help you get access to all the information in the PowerPoint presentations you receive, and to create your own accessible presentations for circulation.


One of the exciting products produced by Markido is Engage.

Engage is a PowerPoint add-in that lets people of any skill-level create visually impressive presentations. Engage comes with thousands of design assets that are easy to incorporate into any presentation using drag and drop functionality. Users can also create and edit infographics and data maps right in PowerPoint.


Make your presentations more accessible for people with disabilities.


Run our accessibility tests to get an overview of how accessible your presentation is.


We provide quick and convenient shortcuts to fix the issues that are found.


Visually check and fix the screen reading order of your slides without having to use the selection pane.


Add a slide description so users with screen readers can get an overview of what the slide is about before reading the detailed content.


Over 100,000 amazing presentations have been created with Engage.


Get a free trial version of Engage.


We’ll send you a trial product key to activate Engage


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Works with Windows versions of PowerPoint 2007 – 2016.