GTT Nanaimo, Summary of the December 6, 2014 Meeting

On Dec 6 about 10 Nanaimo GTT members attended with three new people checking us out for the first time. Lori made her way down from Comox, and both Helen and Helena from Nanaimo also joined us. Thanks to all who brought food and coffee, which meant we were blessed with enough Christmas goodies for twice that number. It’s all stuck to the middle of my body now, and likely to remain there into the New Year.

Speaking of the New Year, on behalf of the Canadian Council of the Blind I’d like to extend to each of you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

The gathered group started out discussing non-technology games that can be played by blind and low vision players along with their sighted friends and family. Sadly, no one was able to determine whether or not playing cards can be purchased that contain both large print and braille. Most seemed to be of the opinion that cards are sold with one or the other of those access formats. Any additional info in this regard will be appreciated. There seemed to be consciences that the British Braille format is preferred over the American style however.

Games like Bean Bags, Horseshoes and Ladder Golf were talked about, as were many of the standard board games like Monopoly, Clue and Scrabble that are available with both print and braille. Othello, Backgammon and raised-dot dice were also mentioned. We also discussed a variety of accessible games that use some sort of bell or beeper placed inside the ball, like Goal Ball, Beep ball, Showdown etc.

Albert demonstrated his favourite iPhone card game called Cribbage Pro. It’s a free game if you only want to play against the device, and a more advanced version can be purchased so that one can play against online players throughout the world.

Aedan talked about some computer dependent games that can be found at, which are a series of games that can only be played online, either against the computer or another player. There is another series of games that can be downloaded called Kitchen Sink, however these ones are installed to the computer and can be played even if your computer isn’t online. Aedan also discussed an accessible Dart Board that was of interest to many in attendance. Stay tuned for more info on this one.

Donna showed us and discussed some of the games she likes to play on her iPhone called, Where’s My Ducky, Zany Touch and a running/exercise game called Zombie Run. She indicated that some of these games are good for the beginner iPhone user as they help to teach how to use the gestures needed in order to operate touch screen technology.

Donna and Aedan also mentioned that the Apple VIS web site is a great place to learn about some of the blind accessible games for Mac computers and iDevices, as well as all manner of productivity and learning applications.

The next GTT Nanaimo Meeting will be moved to Saturday, January 10, 2015 so that we don’t get in the way of people’s time off during the Christmas Holidays. The theme of that meeting will be to explore and assist with any of the new gadgets that people will have received from Santa and her helpers. I’ll be showing off my spanking new sky blue long cane that is being requested in my Santa letter. That is provided I’m able to remain reasonably good between now and then. The question is, if I use a sky blue cane will I still be able to refer to it as a “white cane”?

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Donna or me as indicated below:

Albert Ruel

Donna Hudon