Useful Resource: Using Twitter on the Pc, iPhone, and mac.

A wonderful GTT participant has written this twitter guide for users who are blind using the PC.

Thank you Rebecca Jackson.  You are amazing.

At the end, I will add some resources for using twitter on the I devices and the mac.

If anyone wants to send me resources about twitter and android, send them to



A quick and painless guide to twitter clients on the pc

Before you can understand what a twitter client is, you must first understand the basics of twitter.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging service that is used to send messages of up to 140 characters.

What is a Tweet?

A tweet is a message of up to 140 characters that you want to send to your followers.

What are followers?

Followers are the people who can see your tweets and respond to them. Anyone can see a twitter profile’s tweets unless the tweets are protected, but your followers will have your tweets show up in your home timeline. The reverse is true for people who you follow. The tweets that you follow will show up in your home timeline.

What is a home timeline?

Home is where all of the tweets that you follow end up. Let’s say that you wanted to read Cbc news every morning. You would first follow Cbc news, and when you went on twitter, all of the tweets from cbc news would show up in your home timeline.

What types of tweets are there?

The first type of tweet there is a simple, basic tweet. You just send out a simple message to your followers that is less than 140 characters.

The second type of tweet is a retweet. Think of the retweet as you sharing a story with a friend, you pass the message along so that your friend and maybe others can hear it. On twitter the retweet serves this purpose. If you see something of interest that someone else has tweeted, you can simply retweet it and all of your followers will see the message.

Talking to people

There are 2 types of messages you can send to other people on twitter. These are mentions and direct messages.

What is a mention?

A mention is a public message you can send out to someone you follow. Everyone can see this message.

What is a direct message?

A direct message is a private message you can send to someone you follow. You and the person you are sending to are the only people who can see this message.

How do I Tweet: What is a twitter client?

A twitter client is a program that interacts with twitter, allowing you to use all the regular functions of twitter, without the pain of using the website.

What twitter clients are out there?

You have several options for twitter clients for the pc, I’ll just cover 3. Chicken nugget, tw blue, and tween.

General info about using clients

All clients require that you authorise the application for use with your twitter account. The application will take you to the twitter website to enter your twitter log in info.

Basic navigation

2 of the  3 twitter clients mentioned, Chicken Nugget and Tw Blue,  use the same principles for navigating. In these  clients you will see buffers that contain your tweets, mentions, direct messages, and so on. To move between buffers press control and windows in combination with the left and right arrows to cycle between buffers when the main window is hidden. 

Chicken Nugget

Although this twitter client has a funny name, it is probably one of the most popular clients out there for blind people. It has a few customisable options such as support for a service that lets you lengthen your tweets, and lots of other features.  You can download a free trial version of the product here

The application costs $15 and the trial version is 29 days. You can view your tweets in a window or use the hide window feature that lets you read tweets from within any application. Commands for tweeting can be found in the menus. Use alt and the arrow keys to cycle through the menus if you are using a screen reader.


Tween is another twitter client. It is very popular in Japan, and just happens to be accessible. It is also free. Unlike some of the other clients, tween does not have a hidden window feature, meaning that you can’t navigate buffers with control, windows, and the left and right arrows from another application. Here is a resource that contains some basic keystrokes, as well as addons that make this client nicer to use with screen readers.

note: The resource  page isn’t ladled properly. Also note that in order to write a basic tweet  you type in the text field ladled 140.

Tw blue

This client is also free, and is still somewhat under development. It has some of the features of Chicken Nugget, including the fact that it streams your tweets instantly, meaning that you will get them as soon as someone sends one. It also has a main window and menu system, as well as a hide window option. It can be downloaded at

You can find a read me here

happy tweeting!


Twitter on I Devices



Using twitter on I devices is very accessible.

There are a few apps that people who are blind use including:

twitterrific and tweetlist

They can both be found by searching in the app store.

There is a charge for these apps.

The twitter app (made by twitter itself) is free and has become very accessible.

It can be found in the app store as well.

On the mac, there is a paid app called night owl.

It is very accessible and many mac users use it easily.

At our national teleconference call in May (may 13 2015) we will be discussing Facebook, twitter, and linked in.

If you are interested in participating, let us know.