GTT Ottawa Meeting Minutes and upcoming GTT Ottawa.

So sorry for the delay in these.

Our notetaker’s minutes got eaten by an ipad and we had to reconstruct.

Topic for the night continuation of facebook, twitter, presentations in small groups. Rebecca is once again presenting on twitter. Leona will present on facebook. Richard reminded us that the tech fair will once again take place at city hall in September. He also has obtained a grant to expand what they can offer. If anyone has any suggestions for vendors and/or workshops, please contact Richard Marsolais at 613-563-4021  or 
Radio camps will once again be taking place in the summer of 2015.  The location will be CKCU on the campus of Carleton University. The first camp will be for people under age 21 who are blind or have low vision.  The dates for this camp will be June 29 and 30, July 2 and 3.  The week will culminate in a 2 hour live on air radio show.  People will learn to audio edit, conduct arterviews, choose music, and more.  For more information contact Kim Kilpatrick at 613-567-0311 or
From August 4 to 8 we will have a second radio camp for people over 21 who are blind or have low vision.  Again, the week will finish with an on air show.  If you are interested contact Kim. 
Vangellis gave us both good and bad tech news.  His braille display from humanware (brailliant) was broken and will cost quite a lot to fix. Some people commented that the brailliant displays are not working so well lately.  However, there has been a recent update to their software so perhaps this has been improved. 
In good news, Vangelis acquired a new copy of Kurzweil 1000 and is very happy with the way it is working. 
Kim, Wayne, Pierre and others have continued to work with Steve Sleigh at CRA to help make income tax filing more accessible. Note: Kim did a presentation for developers of tax software at CRA on June 3 2015.  It went very well and they were very curious about accessible  software and how Kim and Steve (who has low vision) accessed web sites. 
Our topic for GTT on June 15 will be the AODA (access for Ontarians with disabilities act) and Leona is arranging for a presenter. 
George from CCB recorded the GTT meeting and 2 people listened on the youtube channel.  This worked well for the presenters but the microphone for the whole room was not working well and it was hard to hear. 
George has a new and better microphone and will be recording this again on June 15. 
If anyone wants to listen in on the presentation and cannot make the meeting, please let Kim know. 
We are thinking of having pizza before the June 15 GTT. 
This would be at 5 PM. 
If you are interested, you would need to pay  for your own pizza.  Let Kim know your thoughts on this. 
Should we have GTT in the summer?  Perhaps just a drop in?  Let Kim know your thoughts on this. 
Voice dream writer is an excellent app for writing and taking notes.  Some people have requested a workshop on this app.  If you are interested in this, let Kim know. 
Leona did a small group facebook presentation answering people’s questions.  Rebecca did a small group twitter presentation answering questions as well.