Top Tech Tidbits

Top Tech Tidbits is a weekly newsletter that discusses the latest assistive technology news. It is published by Flying Blind LLC. The information in this blog post was found in this newsletter. To check out Flying Blind go tohttp://www.flying-blind.comSeveral conventions and exhibitions were held last week in the U.S. and U.K. Sight  village is one such exhibition. This annual event is held in Birmingham and showcases many different products and services relating to technology, sport, and many other topics. To hear some of the content from Sight village go to The two annual conventions in the U.S. that were held this past week were the Nfb (National Convention Of The Blind) and Acb (American Council Of The Blind) conventions. You can find lots of  tech-related audio, including the latest news from Freedom Scientific, Ihabilitation, Duxbury systems, and so much more    from both conventions at You can find some tech-related audio from the Acb convention exclusively at