The Dropbox Intro

What is Dropbox?
A virtual hard drive
You can use it to share files between computers
It is multi-platform, so you can use it on Windows,
Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android
How Does it Work?
Sort of like a social network
You can invite friends to share folders with you
You can install it easily –
the installation process is fairly easy and accessi
ble. Note
that once you install dropbox, the dropbox folder w
ill vary on its location depending
on what operating system you use.
The more friends you invite to Dropbox, the more sp
ace you earn
If a friend invites you, they earn 500 MB of space
with the free service, 1TB of space
with the paid service, which is called Dropbox Pro
With the free service, you get up to 16GB of space
With the paid service, you get 1TB of space
-You can share folders to collaborate with friends
or provide public links to files or folders in
your dropbox so that non-users can access a file. M
ethods of sending shared files vary on
operating system.
The Mobile App
You can get it for free on the iTunes Store or Goog
le Play
You can open a file with the app, even play it on y
our phone
You cannot get more space if you install the app
If you want to get more space, you need to install
the desktop application
-Apps to Use in conjunction with Dropbox

VoiceDream reader, droptext, dropvox, access note,
VoiceDream writer, drafts, and many
other apps. A lot of commonly apps support dropbox.
Sometimes an app that exports to
dropbox will create its own folder within your drop
box and all files exported from that
application will be placed there by default.
-Notes about Dropbox Pro –
$119 a year, $12 a month, for 1TB of space
When you upgrade, the « yearly »
option is selected by default
More sharing control
You can restore files easily.
Updating Dropbox
This process varies on operating system.
The Dropbox Website is:
Excellent Help Centr