Reminder national conference call all about calendars on Wednesday August 12 2015 at 7 PM Eastern time. 

Our next national conference call is fast approaching. It will take place on Wednesday August 12 at 7 PM Eastern time. 

The topic this time is calendars. 

What are the most accessible calendar apps and programs for people who are blind or have low vision? 

How do you schedule and remember appointments? 

Join us for a lively discussion about this topic. 

Bring your tips, tricks, and questions. 

Here is the call in info:


Passcode 5670311 

For more information, call 


Or email 

One thought on “Reminder national conference call all about calendars on Wednesday August 12 2015 at 7 PM Eastern time. 

  1. Hi Douglas. Actually, the National GTT Conference Call takes place at 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

    The discussion we’ll have should cover computer based and smart phone calendar solutions.

    For JAWS users I’ve just discovered some huge advancements that the LEASEY software has made in terms of making the MS Calendar far more accessible and usable. I have also noted that the Plextalk Pocket DAISY player has a calendar feature that the VR Stream doesn’t have.

    If you’re interested in sitting in on the call please let us know.

    Thx, Albert


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    From: Douglas Crow [] Sent: Thursday, August 6, 2015 10:03 AM To: ‘GTT Program blog and resources’ Subject: Re: Calendars & eastern g t t topic.

    Hi Kim,

    Good to hear that you are addressing the important topic of calendars. Sadly 7 eastern is 10 here but perhaps your report afterwards will convey some useful information. I also note that you refer to apps. Which I presume means apps for smart phones. What about the many people, usually older, who have and old fashioned computer still, are on a tight budget, and are running Jaws and or Zoom text, like me.

    I find the M S calendar has too many bells and whistles and have now found an easier one, called ‘easy calendar’ that is great from its simple entry on the dated square. Sadly, my screen reader will not read the date. Thus, I have to manually enter the day, date and month to get it to read.

    Do you, or anyone else know of another simple calendar that would not need all this entry work each month and if so, would this information then be of great use to the many others without smartphones?

    Thanks for another great idea, Douglas Crow. 250 384 7076


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