Edmonton GTT Seeking Trekker Breeze Demonstration Volunteers for September 14th Meeting

Hello GTT Edmonton:
At our next GTT meeting on September 14 one of the things we would like to do is demo how to follow a route stored on the Trekker Breeze GPS device. People
have asked if they can have a better one on one experience with the Breeze following a route. We have done Breeze walks before but with groups of 4 or
5 and people didn’t get the hands on experience they would like. To do this we need more people with Breeze devices to help us. If you:
1. Have a Trekker Breeze
2. Know how to enter a destination address and navigate to it
3. And, are willing to demo the route navigation with 1 or 2 blind/vision impaired people accompanying you
Then please reply to this email and I will contact you with more details. The destination will just be an arbitrary house a couple of blocks from the back
door of the church. Thus, there will be no busy traffic, only 1 residential street to cross. We will also ask for a sighted person to accompany you as
Best regards,
Gerry Chevalier
GTT Coordinator
Tel: 780.465.7021
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