A Note of Thanks to Hulu for Their Accessibility Improvements

Thoughts from David Goldfield

Like most people, I enjoy a good TV show now and again, with tremendous emphasis on the “again” part. However, I’ve fallen into the category of people known as non-linear viewers, which means that I don’t watch TV programs as they are being broadcast. Instead, I enjoy using apps or services, either on my iPhone or on our Roku player. Between Amazon Prime and Hulu I have access to a huge library of programs. Perhaps not every show that I want to watch is available to stream at no extra charge (will someone please carry Babylon 5) but I do have access to a large amount of content which I find to be most satisfying.
In particular, Hulu appeals to me because they don’t just offer newer programs. They have a nice catalog of older programs, such as the original Star Trek, the Incredible Hulk, Abbott and Costello and many…

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