Technology Question: TapMemo and other like devices

Question about TapMemo:
Do any of you know of a replacement for the Tap Memo device? It is the only Address Book like device that allows the user to call up a recording saved on it with the user’s voice. For example, one would record Joe Blow’s name in the Address Book feature, then the number could be typed in or recorded so that when the user wanted to retrieve it they had only to press a button and speak the person’s name. Typing in the number would allow you to place the Tap Memo speaker near the telephone’s receiver and press a button to have the number tones delivered audibly into the phone, provided the dial tone is present that is. This doesn’t t work with cell phones though as no dial tone ever shows up.

At any rate, this device was handy on some fronts, and very limited on others. I have a local fellow who would like to find another device similar to his failed Tap Memo, and I’m not finding anything comparable. He finds that the 30 Names he can store in the Address Book is too limiting for his use.

To see where this device can be purchased Google the text string, “TapMemo” without the quotation marks and several outlets will show up, including the below YouTube link.

I found a MaxiAids YouTube video explaining what the TapMemo is and how to set it up:

Here’s what the CNIB has listed in their Web Store:
TapMemo Voice Activated Personal Data Assistant

Colour photo of TapMemo Voice Activated Personal Data Assistant
Product number: TEC-108-000-0200
Price: $173.50

A revolutionary, handheld, battery-powered PDA with just three simple buttons – your voice does the rest.

TapMemo’s features include memo pad, phone book, calendar, alarm clock, time and date, and a locator function that “shouts” when you whistle for this unit.
Locking command allows a user to guard against unwanted use and protect personal data. Phone dialer function lets a user dial a phone number simply by
placing the unit near a phone handset.

Works right out of the box – no “voice training” required.

Comes with stereo earphones, charger, belt clip and user manual on audio CD.
End of quoted text.