Next GTT national conference call all about the mac computer.  Wednesday January 13 7 PM Eastern time, 4 PM Pacific. 

Next National GTT Conference Call January 13 2016. All about the mac. Happy 2016 to you all. 

Our first national conference call of 2016 will take place on Wednesday January 13 at 7 PM Eastern time, 4 Pacific time. 

Our topic will be the mac computer. 

Ali Moosa will talk about the basics of the mac. 

Kim Kilpatrick will talk about using the mac from a totally blind person’s perspective. 

Lorne neufeldt will discuss the mac from a low vision perspective. 

Bring your questions along. 

We are also going to send out some new procedures for the calls. This will hopefully make things go more smoothly with fewer conversation diversions. 

We will send this out in the next few days and thank those who suggested ways of making the call run more smoothly. 

Here is the call in info. 

You can RSVP to Kim at 1-877-304-0968 Extension 513 or 


Passcode 5670311