GTT Nanaimo Summary Notes December 3, 2015

GTT Nanaimo Summary Notes

December 3, 2015

Attendance: Jean, Donna C, Aedan, Jeff, Art. Regrets were received from Hugh, Shauna and Donna H

Donna C is a new attendee to the Nanaimo group and was there to investigate the potential for using an iPhone as her main means of voice communications with family, reading and writing emails and using the internet. All who attended talked at length about the various ways the iPhone can be used for GPS navigation, reading books, searching the internet, storing contact info for use with the email and telephone apps and for storing appointments. The group spent time showing Donna the many apps and strategies they employ in their daily lives, and she was provided a device to test out some of the gestures required to operate iDevices. A Bluetooth foldable keyboard was also shown as another means of inputting information into iDevices.

Many comparisons were made between the iPad, iPod and iPhone for doing many of the above tasks. Because Donna also wants to be able to make and receive phone calls she decided that the iPhone will be her best choice.

The OrCam was demonstrated as a potential means of reading text, and pocket sized DAISY readers like the VR Stream and Plextalk Linio Pocket were also demonstrated. Computer apps for magnification, screen reading and OCR were discussed as other alternatives should she wish to continue using that device as vision deteriorates.

The group referred her to the Nanaimo and District DRC for lessons on how to gain maximum use of such a device should she opt to make that purchase.

At the meeting’s end it was decided to not hold a meeting in early January, so the next meeting of the GTT Nanaimo group will be on Thursday, February 4, 2016. No topic has yet been selected so email Albert with your suggestions.