Someone may win a free version of KNFB reader app for android or I device.

Hello everyone.

This message came to us through Lorne Webber of the Edmonton GTT group.

Sorry for the short notice but we just received this.

I am not familiar with this news letter listed below but it sounds like a great contest.

If you have an android or I device and do not have this app, it is a really great one and the cost usually is around $100.

People who subscribe (it’s free) to the Blind Perspective newsletter by visiting:

and jump by heading  down to the heading called “How to Subscribe”

Then click on February’s newsletter at:

and move down to the heading called “Movers & Shakers”. Near the end of that article about KNFB Reader is the following directions:

“I would like to conclude this article with some great news. Sensotec has graciously offered to give one of our readers the KNFB Reader app, for either

an iOS or Android device user.

So readers if you are interested here is what you need to do:

-Answer the following question, in 300 words or less; How would a KNFB Reader make you more independent?

-Email your answer to:

-All entries must be received by February 20 in order to qualify”