Accessible Technology Press Release, Talking Infrared Thermometer

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Due to increased production the price on the very popular Talking Infrared Thermometer (model IRT-1) from Brooks Technology has been reduced to just $99.95!

The thermometer was designed specifically for the blind and vision impaired as a cooking and safety aid and can easily measure the temperature of items
being cooked, the oven, fridge, freezer, bath water, coffee, etc. without the need for physical contact. It is powered by 2 AA batteries, weighs just
5 ounces, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It includes a built in speech tutorial, and can be set to speak in English, Spanish, or French.

The temperature range is from minus 94 to 716 Fahrenheit. 3 buttons allows the user to change language, and set readout to Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
It speaks clearly and is easy to use.

In the year since I designed and introduced the IRT-1 it has found a multitude of uses, from helping blind auto mechanics do car repairs, a blind restaurant
owner verifying food temperatures, to blind herpetologists maintaining proper tank temperatures for their gecko lizards!

The IRT-1 can help promote safety and independence to vision impaired individuals and is especially useful for the newly blind in overcoming the fear of

The IRT-1 is available for $99.95, plus shipping. For organizations that require it my W9 form will be sent on request.

A picture is attached, as well as a few links to podcasts where a demonstration of the thermometer can be heard.

Thank you

Phil Brooks, Owner

Brooks Technology.

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Telephone: 408-781-4577. Hours of operation are 9AM to 5PM Central Time

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  1. Albert: Blind Mice Mega Mall recently had this item on for $98.75 (USD), which was not much less than their regular price. However, shipping to Canada can be expensive. I wonder if it would be similar with Brooks. BTW: Not that I am looking for an IRT right now. I think I will wait until they develop a unit that works from a much longer distance before diving into this market! Cheers. Jim H


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