GTT Grande Prairie Summary Notes, Talking to your iDevices, March 4, 2016

Summary Notes for the first Get Together with Technology meeting in Grande Prairie
Held: Friday, March 4, 2016.
Time: 6p.m to 8p.m
Where: In the CNIB Board room located in room 218 9804 100Ave
People in attendance: 6
Hosted by: Nikita Phillips and Alberte Ruel from GTT West
Subject: How to use Siri the iOS personal assistant available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
The meeting started off with introductions of all of the participants. After the introductions Alberte Rule from GTT West did an introduction on how the program GTT had started. Nikita had started off by doing some basic iPhone gestures on how to efficiently use the IOS devices.
Basic Voice Over gestures
• Flick with one finger from either left to right to move the voice over cursor.
• Double tap with one finger to select an item. Or do a split tap by focusing the voice over cursor, have one finger on the desired app or item and have another finger touch anywhere on the screen to select the app or item.
• To read a whole page or a book from iBook’s take two fingers and swipe down and it will read the page or take two fingers and swipe up and it will start reading the page from the top.
• To pause when reading a page just take two fingers and touch the screen and to resume reading just do the same action.
• To go back to a previous page or to go back just in general do a two finger scrub.
Those are just some of the jester’s that Nikita went over. She didn’t get too in depth, but is planning on doing so in future GTT meetings. Now on to using Siri.
To activate Siri press and hold the home button for three seconds and you will hear a beeping sound and that is when you start to talk to Siri. Because you have heard Siri activating you can let go of the home button and when you are done talking Siri will then know that you have finished talking. Also if your request was short you can do a two finger double tap and that will also stop Siri. In iOS 9 you can use the Hey Siri feature, which means that you don’t have to activate Siri by pressing the home button, but for the new iPhone 6s the Hey Siri is always working in the background, on jearlier versions of the iPhones you can only activate the Hey Siri Feature when your IOS device is plugged in. Because there are so many things that you can do with Siri Nikita has chosen 5 things that she wanted to share with the group and at the end of these notes there will be a document that will tell you the 25 things you can do with Siri and a link that will carry you to a page that has a list of 50 plus funny things that you can ask Siri.

Top 5 things with Siri
1. Sending a text message
To send a text message press the home button and say send a text message. Siri will then ask you who you would like to send the message to. After that tell Siri what your message is and then Siri will ask you three things. The three things are, review, which is that Siri will reread you the text that you wanted to send, the second thing is change, which is to resay your message, and finally to cancel your message. After you have your desired message you can say send to Siri and it will send it to the person you want the message to go to. You can also reply to a message with Siri. Just simply Ask Siri If you have any new text messages and Siri will read them to you and after Siri has finished reading the new messages you will then be asked if you want to reply to the message. If so, just say yes and say your message.
*Note: you can tell Siri to text multiple people by just saying the names of the people you want to text.
2. Posting on Facebook or Twitter

To post on Facebook ask Siri update Status and tell Siri your new status and it will post it on Facebook for you.
To create a new Tweet just say create a new Tweet. Just say you’re Tweet and it will post for you. You can even put hash tags in your Tweet.
*Note: Say your Tweet first and then add your hash tag at the end because if you put your hash tag at the beginning it will make your whole post a hash tag.
3. Asking the weather
To know what the weather is like in your area just ask what the temperature is outside. Siri will then tell you. You can also ask it for the weather in any town or city around the world.
*Note: You have to enable location settings to get an accurate reading.
4. Playing music

To play music just ask Siri what you would like to hear. Siri will play any music that is available in your music library. If you are a subscriber to Apple music you can have Siri play any song or album even if you don’t have that song in your music library, also if you really like that song and you don’t have the song or album you can ask Siri to add it to your library.
5. What’s that tune?
If you are listening to the radio and you have no idea what song is playing, just ask Siri and it will tell you. If you have Apple Music you can ask Siri to add the song to your music library.
I would like to thank albert Rule for being present on Skype and kicking off the meeting on giving us a little intro on how the GTT had begun, thanks to Bobby Weir and the CNIB for letting the meeting take place in the board room.
The next GTT meeting will take place on Friday, May 6, 2016 and the meeting will be about how to use Facebook on your iOS device.

26 Actually Useful Things You Can Do With Siri:

Some funny things to ask Siri: